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National Office of Vine and Wine Products (O.N.V.P.V.)

General Manager: Dorin Ştefan DUŞA

Address: 49 Iancului str, Bucharest 2, 021719 ROMANIA
Phone/Fax: +40 21 2505097
+40 21 2505098
+40 75 2100990
Working hours: 8,30 – 16,30

Inspectorate teritoriale ONVPV

1. Dealu Mare, inspector de specialitate Badea Mariana, Badea Petre,,

2. Oltenia, inspector de specialitate Genoiu Elena, Genoiu Catalin,,

3. Banat, inspector de specialitate Heizer Mirela,

4. Alba, inspector de specialitate  Aldea Florin,

5. Iasi, inspectori de specialitate Petrea Traian, Petrea Gabriela,,

6. Vrancea, inspectori de specialitate Anghelache Gheorghe,, Vasilache Stan,
7. Galati, inspector de specialitate Oancea Vasile,

8. Tulcea, inspector de specialitate Vlad Ioan,

9. Constanta, inspector de specialitate Nicolae Ionut,

10. Salaj, insperctor de specialitate Burdea Remus,

11. Satu Mare, inspector de specialitate Renata Portik,